Company Registration number :  07511006
VAT Registration number : 176938552
Care Quality Commission ( CQC) provider number : 1-258487915.
SGRAL delivers your mobile MRI service on a regular schedule that’s also flexible enough to grow as your scan volume increases. Along with the equipment and transportation, SGRAL provides qualified technologists, maintenance, marketing, and referring physician education. The logistics team also works closely with each new customer to assist with site development and electrical planning. We also perform a diagnostic evaluation to measure your overall level of customer satisfaction and determine when it may make sense to expand your level of service or consider building a fixed site.
SGRAL is committed to providing the best quality solution for your service requirement needs. As a strategic imaging partner, we will work with you to help develop and grow a successful imaging program, whether it’s a full   diagnostic imaging centre, a shared  mobile system, or an interim solution to meet short-term needs.